Bedard’s Breakdown: Patriots’ offense is sluggish right now, but the reasons can be worked through

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

It didn't take a football genius to recognize that the Patriots' offense wasn't exactly dominating in the 30-14 win over the Jets.

Take away a few coverage busts by the Jets, two penalties that prolonged drives in long yardage, and Josh Gordon's heroics, the Patriots largely scuffled on offense. After going up 20-0, the Patriots only had one drive longer than 44 yards, and eight of 10 possessions ended with either a punt or a turnover.

Some of that, you just have to tip your cap to the Jets. After a bit of a rough start with some inexperienced players on the field due to injuries, Gregg Williams' troops settled down and played pretty well. Williams has been around, so he knows the only way to have a chance against Tom Brady and the Patriots is to vary everything, from pressures to coverage — and almost by the half. And they did that.

Williams blitzed Brady 35.7 percent of the time in the first half, but backed off to 20 percent after halftime. The Jets mixed zone and man coverage, and provided some issues with a three-deep, five-under zone with a three-man rush. At times they'd double Julian Edelman, and on occasion, they'd hold up the running backs out of the backfield.

It had the desired effect on Brady in the first half, as he got a bit sped up and rushed a few throws and decisions. But Brady settled down in the second half and played really good ball — but he was let down by the lack of execution from others.

And that's where the issues — the few the Patriots have right now, but they could be an issue come Sunday in Buffalo against a similar scheme and veteran defensive mind — really reside: with the Patriots. And those internal issues can be worked through as we go forward.

What are they? Let's go through them.