Red Sox

McAdam: Uncertainty hangs over season-ending game for these Red Sox

(Getty Images)

On an otherwise brilliant autumn day Sunday, there was the undeniable sense of finality to the proceedings. Game No. 162 will do that for you, especially when so much more was expected.

Instead of taking care of ticket requests for upcoming playoff games, players milled about before the game, saying their goodbyes to clubhouse staff and packing up belongings for a trip home.

But it was more than the end of the year. There was also the feeling that more than a season coming to a close. More than likely, it represented an end of an era.

When the Red Sox next congregate, they will be led by a new head of baseball operations. It's possible there could be a change or two to the coaching staff.

Mostly, however, there was the impossible-to-ignore sense that the 2020 roster will have a vastly different look to it. That's what happens when you go from 108 wins, a title and a parade, to just 84 wins, front office upheaval and the promise or more changes to come.