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BSJ Game Report: Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 3 – Losing streak rolls on north of the border

(Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

All you need to know, in quickie form, about the Red Sox' 4-3 loss to the Blue Jays, complete with BSJ analysis and insight:



Eovaldi can't go deep: Nathan Eovaldi is healthy again, but one thing hasn't changed: he still can't pitch efficiently, and that results in some short outings. On Tuesday night, he threw 93 pitches, but that only got him 13 outs. Once again, the Jays fouled a lot of pitches off, which in turn drove up the pitch count and limited how long he was able to go. In nine starts this season, Eovaldi has gotten out past the sixth just once. Granted, in his first couple of starts last month, he was still building arm strength and the Sox didn't want to push him. But there are no physical restrictions placed on him anymore, but the deep counts and fall balls limit how long he can go. "The thing with him is the foul balls and they will always be there,'' said Alex Cora. "It's frustrating,'' said Eovaldi, "especially with where we are now. I've got to go out and try to go deep into ballgames and I not being able to do that is frustrating.''

Devers makes history: Rafael Devers became the youngest Red Sox player to hit 50 doubles in a season when he