Sweeney: That red card should be rescinded, breaking out the abacus, and more

Three quick takeaways from Saturday, plus another Boston sports-related take from the weekend:

Someone buy referee Silviu Petrescu — and VAR official Guido Gonzalez Jr — a beer STAT

It’s incredibly fair to say that Petrescu, a veteran Major League Soccer referee with PRO, did not have the best game Saturday afternoon. The red card that should be rescinded notwithstanding — and we’ll get to that in a second — the Romanian issued 10 yellow cards, with one yellow to New York City’s Anton Tinnerholm in the 12th minute rescinded. Suffice it to say that if you’re issuing that many cards — including three for time-wasting — you really need to examine how you’re controlling, or not controlling, the football match.

Now, whatever Gonzalez felt needed a second look on the VAR-aided red card must have been a figment of his imagination. Antonio Delamea won the ball, Valentin Castellanos dove. That is not, by the letter of the law, the denial of a goal-scoring opportunity.

In truth, Delamea did his job.