Red Sox

McAdam: With additional bullpen call-ups, Red Sox hope to find strength in numbers

(Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images)

Like most teams, the Red Sox added to their roster Sunday, going from the 13 pitchers they had on hand to 17.

For the Sox, it was not a moment too soon, too -- they had gone 15 innings with the Los Angeles Angels two nights earlier. The next night, they had planned a bullpen game, and on Sunday, David Price, making his return to the mound for the first time in almost a month, provided just two innings.

With 13 — give or take -- pitchers in the bullpen, it seemed like the Sox had enough.

But that was before Rick Porcello stalled out after recording just 12 outs Tuesday, necessitating five innings from the bullpen again.

In the span of four games, then, the bullpen contributed a staggering 31 innings of relief.

And so, Wednesday morning, the Red Sox kept adding. Four more pitchers, including a couple who had ventured home for the offseason following the completion of Pawtucket's season on Labor Day, scrambled to get back and spent the final three and a half weeks in the big leagues.

The arrival of lefty Bobby Poyner and right-handers Mike Shawaryn, Colten Brewer and Trevor Kelly gave the Red Sox 21 pitchers -- all but four of them relievers.