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McAdam: Why Dustin Pedroia’s situation is nothing like Andrew Luck’s

(Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images)

The surprising -- sorry, let's skip "shocking'' for now -- news that Andrew Luck would be retiring Saturday night brought with it a litany of hot takes, more than a few of them asinine.

Some tough guys determined that Luck wasn't mentally tough enough, while some others whined that, in getting out while he still had his faculties, he had also doomed their fantasy teams. What nerve.

On Monday, the stupid didn't stop. Since Luck ended up walking away from tens of millions by deciding to retire, it was posited that Dustin Pedroia should do the same.

As timing would have it, Pedroia will be in Denver Tuesday when the Sox begin a two-game interleague series against the Colorado Rockies. Pedroia hasn't been around the team since the end of May. Pedroia initially was taking a mental break after failing again to return to even semi-regular playing time. He since has had yet another surgical procedure on his left knee.

It's unknown whether Pedroia intends to attempt to resume his career. Some orthopedic specialists suggested earlier this month that Pedroia's latest surgery would not generally be undertaken by someone with designs on play pro baseball again and thought it was more done for ''quality-of-life'' issues.

Since Pedroia hasn't commented publicly on his plans, we'll let him answer questions for himself on Tuesday.

But certainly a successful comeback, this late into the process, appears to be an epic longshot.

And here is where Pedroia's and Luck's stories diverge.