Bedard: The Patriots’ LT situation, from Wynn & Skipper to pieces they possess for a Trent Williams deal

(Getty Images)

FOXBOROUGH — If the season started tomorrow, there is little doubt the Patriots' left tackle situation would be challenging.

And that's probably being kind.

The projected starter, 2018 first-round pick Isaiah Wynn, has yet to take a competitive snap as we stand about three weeks shy of him being a year out from his Achilles' tear. The backup and possible opening day starter would be either Joe Thuney, who has made himself one of the league's top left guards and would be pulling a Logan Mankins, or Dan Skipper, a 6-foot-9 journeyman who has been signed or released 10 times by three different teams in his previous two seasons in the NFL.

No, none of the above is exactly Plan A when it comes to replacing the departed Trent Brown, and Nate Solder before him.

But here's the thing: whether it's Wynn, Skipper, Thuney or someone else — yes, possibly Redskins Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams — the situation is far from being as dire as some would lead you to believe.

Why? Let's go through the in-house possibilities and then get into a possible trade for Williams, in which the Patriots would likely have to trump the Houston Texans — the Krafts' favorite AFC rival — and New England has a possible leg up in that scenario.