Brad Stevens reacts to Romeo Langford and Grant Willams picks

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Brad Stevens made his first public comments since the season ended on Thursday night after the Celtics selected Romeo Langford and Grant Williams in the first round. Here's his full reaction to the first round picks as well as the team's shift towards building a younger core in a brief press conference.

On Romeo Langford: “I think Romeo’s a really versatile, good player. He’s been a good player for a long time. A guy that as far as the state of Indiana high school basketball was probably as followed as anybody in the last 15 years. Obviously had an incredible high school career, had a really good start to his college career, tore some ligaments in his thumb, played through it most of the year, and can do a lot of things on the basketball. He has been well coached both in high school and in college, and a guy we think has a lot of things that translate to the NBA. Obviously a long, versatile, athletic wing. He can play multiple positions, can handle the ball, can play in pick and roll, can do some of that stuff. So we’re excited about Romeo.

On Langford's thumb injury and shooting woes: “Yeah, I think that’s something he’s going to have to continue to work on to improve. I don’t think there’s any doubt that if you picked an area that he’s going to have to work on, that would be it. He’s a better shooter than he shot this year, and as noted by both his touch, his free throws, and the way he shot it in high school. So the thumb, I think, was impactful. But there’s no question as the line extends, yeah, he’s going to have to work to get better. But all indications are that he will. He’s a good worker, he’s a hard worker, he’s a hard playing guy.

On Aron Baynes trade (Can't comment since it's not official yet): "Um, you guys all know how I feel. I think I’ll answer that when it’s appropriate. I don’t want to make any statements that would be considered an insinuation. You guys all know how I feel about him."

On Grant Williams: "Super smart, a guy I kind of look at as a guy with a point guard’s mind. You can run offense through him at the elbows and on the block, at the top of the key. He thinks the game. He’s a tough, tough guy. And he’s a versatile player who can shoot the ball. He can shoot it from three – they didn’t need him to do that, but his shot looks good, and that will be a pretty easy transition for him, and again, very intelligent. We’re looking forward to having him. We think he translates well. You couldn’t be more impressed with the kid when you sit down with him."

Langford's health status: "He had surgery, I have no idea about summer league. From what I was told he had just