NFL Notebook: Tug-of-war over Caserio underscores value, uniqueness of Patriots’ personnel man

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(Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

In this week’s NFL Notebook, we deconstruct the Patriots’ roster by age, check out the importance of unplugging at this time of year, and see how a former New England cornerback is doing as a college coach. But first, with the Texans and Patriots ending their battle for Nick Caserio, the back-and-forth highlighted Caserio’s role in the New England organization, and serve as a reminder as to just how rare his talents are when it comes to being a front-office man.

1. The back-and-forth for Nick Caserio this week between Houston and New England really served to spotlight the value he has within the Patriots’ organization. He has a unique role in New England — he’s the director of player personnel, sure, but he’s a ubiquitous presence on the practice field (usually working as a quarterback during drills), he’s on the headsets on game day, and he plays a sizable role in player evaluation, both at a college and professional level. No wonder the Patriots apparently have a clause in his contract that says he can’t interview with other teams.

The bottom line is that there are