The asking price for Anthony Davis provides some challenges for Celtics

(Harry How/Getty Images)

Trading for Anthony Davis is not a slam dunk decision for the Celtics if Kyrie Irving does not return and the latest report from to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirms as much on Monday afternoon. Wojnarowski highlights the specifics parameters that Pelicans president David Griffin is looking for in a potential deal for Davis — nearly all of which the C's can match against the expected suitors (Knicks, Nets, Lakers, Clippers).

Griffin is pursuing a combination of assets that include an All-Star player, a young player with All-Star potential and two first-round picks, league sources said. Those wants are on a sliding scale. For example, the better the player, the softer the requests on the draft picks -- and vice versa.

The Celtics will not have the best draft picks to offer in such a scenario, (even though the future Memphis pick as the upside of eventually being No. 1 in 2021). However, a combination of near All-Star talent (Jayson Tatum) and All-Star potential (Jaylen Brown) is in play, although the odds the C's would ever offer both in a deal without assurances on Davis on re-signing is zero.

A few other noteworthy nuggets in the report. Let's take a look at how each may impact the C's standing in negotiations.

The Pelicans are looking for three-team deals: While the Davis suitors have plenty of assets to throw at the Pelicans, most of them don't have the right mix of All-Star young talent and picks like the Celtics. Based on that, Griffin is putting it on the suitors to find the type of players with their other assets in order to complete the deal. The Knicks will have the ability to shop around their No. 3 overall pick and future first-round picks to Dallas for young talent. Meanwhile, the Lakers only have No. 4 overall pick to float with more established talent in Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. The Nets and Clippers will be more reliant on player packages with no future lottery picks in their draft arsenal, outside of potentially the 2021 unprotected Miami pick (LA Clippers own).

A three-team deal could help the Celtics find another asset the Pelicans want but their salary limitations for their