2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Bedard: Non-call was brutal, but Bruins aren’t winning anything unless their best produce

(Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

Trust me, they're as angry as you. Maybe not Cam Neely-channeling-his-inner-Harry-Sinden mad — oh, and what a spectacle it would have been if Harry was in his prime as the commandant of the Bruins on this night — but the Bruins' players are definitely very ticked off about The Non-Call.


You could feel it in the locker room. Then Bruce Cassidy used the podium and microphone as his dragon as he laid the NHL league office to waste as if it was King's Landing.

"I mean it’s blatant and a big effect on the game," he said. "I’m a fan of the game, this is the National Hockey League and they’re getting a black eye with their officiating in the playoffs and here’s another one that is going to be talked about. I thought it was a great hockey game. That call probably, and there’s time, but it really made it difficult for us to get the win tonight. So I’m disappointed. ... It was egregious."

We could go on and on with the quotes, but the bottom line is the Bruins got screwed and it might just cost them a Stanley Cup.

But here's the thing. At some point, and it might not happen until puck drop for Game 6 on Sunday, everyone's going to have stop talking about the "egregious" missed call and move on.

Because the Bruins