Sweeney: Two quick takeaways from a scoreless draw, plus a few other things

There’s not too much one can take away from a scoreless draw, so here are two quickies, plus a few other soccer thoughts as I enjoy a beer and get ready to fire up the grill on a Saturday night:

Maybe it’s time to really play the kids

It’s been a constant refrain through the first two and a half months of the season, especially when the Revolution’s elder statesmen couldn’t — and in some ways, still can’t — get the job done.

This week’s case in point: left back Edgar Castillo, who really hasn’t found a foothold in any match for New England since Brad Friedel brought him here in December, found himself removed after 34 minutes Saturday afternoon in Montreal. On comes DeJuan Jones, and we’ve already explained what happened.

The same with Tajon Buchanan, who played well during his 34 minutes against Chelsea at midweek. He replaced a frustrated Diego Fagundez at the hour mark and played well Saturday.

So that brings us to the realization that these young players — and who said that SuperDraft selections can’t play well at the top level of American soccer? — really need to get more minutes. And that includes Justin Rennicks, after he’s done with the U20 World Cup, Nicholas Firmino, Isaac Angking when he’s healthy, and Brandon Bye — who has seemingly put the preseason waaaaay behind him.

It’s official: they quit on Friedel