Which team would make perfect draft weekend trade partner for Patriots?

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(Adam Richins/Boston Sports Journal)

Last week, Bill Belichick talked about being able to maneuver up and down the draft ladder in hopes of possibly jumping head of a like-minded team after the same prospect you are. We’re not talking about seismic moves, but the sort of deals that theoretically netted them some pretty good players over the years, including Rob Gronkowski in 2010 and Matt Light in 2001.

Of course, making those sorts of trades are a two-way street. With that in mind, based on need, history and pre-draft positioning, here are six possible trade partners when it comes to the Patriots improving their spot in the first round of the 2019 draft, in order of likelihood.

6. Denver. Belichick has always had an affinity for dealing with the Broncos — he’s swung eight trades with Denver over the course of his career. However, it’s important to put a lot of those deals into some sort of historical context: Belichick made many of those trades when his pal Mike Shanahan was in charge of the Broncos. That, combined with the fact the Broncos have the 10th overall pick and Belichick acknowledged last week they’re probably not going to trade up that high makes this one unlikely.

5. Green Bay. Again, another team Belichick has loved to deal with in the past. The Patriots and Packers have made