Super Bowl LIII

Live Patriots Notebook: LA cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman on New England – ‘I hate these guys’

(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

ATLANTA — When he was with the Bills, cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman was on the losing end of battles with the Patriots quite frequently — six losses in eight games between 2013 and 2016, to be specific.

So maybe it wasn’t a surprise he had some choice words for New England in a new story from Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report.

“I’ve got Buffalo blood running through my veins, so you know I hate these guys,” Robey-Coleman told Dunne. “I naturally hate them. I never liked New England.”

Robey-Coleman said there are a lot of reasons for him not to like the Patriots, like going for it on fourth down while they were up by 17.

“(Expletive) like that. Little (expletive) to look down upon a team,” Robey-Coleman said. “Little (expletive) stuff like that. That’s what makes you not like New England.”

He says the way to go about attacking the Patriots is simple.

"Stick a dagger in them. They're not a team that you want to play around with. Stick the dagger in them and don't leave it in them! Take it out!" says Robey-Coleman. "And let them leak. Let them leak slow. Put the dagger in them, pull it out, and let them leak slow. Just kill 'em slowly. That's how you do them."

He also said age has taken a toll on quarterback Tom Brady.

"Yes. Yes. Age has definitely taken a toll. For him to still be doing it, that's a great compliment for him. But I think that he's definitely not the same quarterback he was," Robey-Coleman says. "Movement. Speed. Velocity. Arm strength. He still can sling it, but he's not slinging it as much. Whatever he was doing—because of his age and all that—he's not doing as much of that anymore. He's still doing the same things; he's just not doing as much of it. And sometimes, it's not the sharpest. But it still gets done."

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