From Belichick to Brady to Gronkowski to Gilmore, some of our favorite Patriots’ quotes of the season

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From the funny to the insightful to the ridiculous, here are our choices for the 11 most memorable Patriots’ quotes, all the way from training camp to the AFC title game.

"Absolutely. Yeah. What do you think we've been doing? Yeah, sure. We look at all 31 teams. Yeah, what do you think we're doing at camp? We're not having watermelon rolls and badminton contests and all that. Yeah. We're working on football. We look at our team. We look at the other 31 teams."
Bill Belichick, answering whether or not the Patriots were actively scouting the other 31 teams for potential free agents after cut day, 8/28/18

“We are back! We are back! We are getting Edelman back!”
Nicholas Grigsby, sounding like Ed Helms in “The Hangover” yelling in the locker room after Julian Edelman returned from a four-game suspension, 10/2/18

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‘You can’t just walk through here, man.”