2018 AFC Playoffs

On The Beat: 5 questions with Los Angeles writer Eric Williams: ‘This is Philip Rivers’ best team in a decade’

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(Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Every week, we go deep on the Patriots’ next opponent with our “5 questions…” feature where we check in with a writer who covers New England’s next opponent. For this week’s game against L.A., we talk with our friend Eric Willians, who covers the Chargers for ESPN. Check him out on Twitter here.

1. Does this game provide Philip Rivers with a chance for a signature moment?

This will be his best option over the last decade to grab a signature moment, and provide him with a real chance to reach the Hall of Fame and vindication and all that it would entail. This is Rivers' best team in a decade -- at least since he was in the AFC championship game against the Patriots a decade ago. On defense, he has a ton of playmakers — same thing on offense. Basically, it’s not on him to go out there and throw for 500 yards if they want a chance to win the ballgame. In my mind, it’s a lot like Peyton Manning and his last couple of years in Denver — all he has to do is manage the game and help them get through some tight situations.

2. If you were the Patriots, how would you go about attacking the LA defense?