Bedard: Brian Flores has his coming out party as Patriots defense matched Rodgers’ wits

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

FOXBOROUGH — Better later than never.

The Patriots defense finally had its coming out party in Sunday night's 31-17 victory over Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Actually, let's be a little more specific.

Brian Flores, the de facto defensive coordinator, had his coming out party as chief of the Patriots' defense, thanks to his players' largely flawless execution against the most dangerous quarterback in the league.

"To be honest, Coach Flo, he gets us prepared for the game," Elandon Roberts told "Everybody’s got a job to do. His job is to get us prepared for the game. What you see out there, what you see out of us, it’s the spitting image of him. He’s going to put us the in the best position and we're going to try to perform at the best of our ability because we know he knows what he's doing. He did a great job this week, as always."

Make no mistake, what the Patriots did against the Packers was almost a complete departure as far as
coverage from what they've shown to this point in the season — at least it appeared to be, which was the goal via disguise.

In the aftermath of the Chiefs game, we wrote why the Patriots would be hard-pressed to have that type of suffocating, three-and-out defense most fans crave — especially against athletic quarterbacks. You can read the explanation, but most of it has to do with Bill Belichick's desire to leave one or two safeties deep to prevent the big plays.

Well, they almost completely junked that against Rodgers.