Patriots parting ways with WR Kenny Britt — what’s left at the position?

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

The Patriots are releasing wide receiver Kenny Britt.

The move, first reported by NFL Network and confirmed by Britt's agent, will save the Patriots $1,459,790 million on the cap with a dead cap hit of $206,665, resulting in a net cap savings of $548,125 (since his salary will be replaced in the Top 51).

The move was not a shock. Here's what I said about him in our camp awards, under my most memorable moment:

"Two things from Mr. Kenny Britt, my Rutgers brother who is either going to be the next Randy Moss or he’s going to get cut soon and never be heard from again. A couple of firsts for Patriots players as far as I can tell. First, he took the field with a pair of headphones on (see photo above). I mean … what does he do with them once he’s on the field? Does he just hand them to somebody? Who does he think he’s playing for? Have never seen that before. And then, while the entire team was hard at work with 11-on-11 team drills, Britt walked off the field as part of his rehab and then … stopped in front of the family section to play with his kids on the field for about five minutes. I almost wanted to walk down there and save Britt from himself, which seems to be needed on a daily basis. Good luck with that."

Well, he's now gone.

Britt seemed to be on his way to being the next big thing at receiver for the Patriots — a position of need — when he had a great set of offseason practices. But then he pulled his hamstring in the first practice of mandatory mini-camp (his first practice with Tom Brady) and hasn't fully participated since. That was 78 days ago.

I'm guessing the Patriots finally lost patience and had to get on with preparations for the season. Now Britt joins Jordan Matthews as journeymen receivers who the Patriots were hoping to resurrect their careers with the Patriots. They're now 0-for-2 and Eric Decker isn't off to a great start.

Now what? Well, we've been here before after the Matthews release