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Patriots Camp Totals: Defensive 1-on-1s – Danny Shelton, Deatrich Wise take top spots

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

All the reps with a dummy quarterback and legendary line coach Dante Scarnecchia standing behind the defense holding up the snap count are over — at least from public view, as the Patriots have gone into regular-season practice mode.

So let's total up all the one-on-ones from camp, check out the final chart and give out a few awards — both good and bad — on the defensive side of the ball.

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Deatrich Wise Jr. (8-7-4)

Was the only edge rusher to post a record better than .500 (I have a theory on that down below), but he was the best overall in these reps. It definitely helps him he was usually going up against right tackles instead of left, but he was good. I will say that I expected a little more from him this year -- he can certainly be dominating at times, and his length and his handwork can be fantastic. But he is blockable if you don't let him chop your hands and don't allow him to use a straight-arm. This camp has reinforced what I thought much of last season -- because of his length and height, he has a hard time getting loose when used as an inside rusher. He's much better on the edge where he can use his length, and it seems like the coaches are agreeing with me because he was rarely on the inside this camp.

Runner-up: Adrian Clayborn (7-8-4)

If you looked at his numbers, you wouldn't think much. But one thing we now know is just how good Trent Brown is, and Clayborn has the unfortunate job of going against Brown in many of his reps. But Clayborn was good overall.


Danny Shelton (12-6-4)

One of the biggest surprises of camp. Shelton was only used a run-stuffer in Cleveland and it seems like the Patriots were pleasantly surprised themselves because Shelton has been used as a sub rusher in the games. Nobody saw that coming, but Shelton has shown that he has very nimble feet to go along with his immense strength.

Runner-upAdam Butler (7-5-2)

His quickness and relentlessness are just too much for many interior offensive linemen to handle. Has continued to build off his impressive rookie season and he doesn't appear to be going anywhere.


Trent Harris (4-4-0)

Truth be told, there weren't a whole lot of nominees in this category for this group. There really wasn't a Wise or Butler this year. Harris and John Atkins were the closest. Atkins has a chance to develop.


Malcom Brown (3-12-7)

A big fan of the big man in the middle, but he didn't show much of anything with the pass rush in this camp. Figured he might come in with a chip on his shoulder after the team didn't pick up his option and the Patriots traded for Shelton. But that didn't happen.

Runner-up: Derek Rivers (5-6-3)

Wasn't bad at all — and he closed with a 3-1 record so perhaps he's turned the corner — but I wanted to see more from him after being off for so long after the surgery. They could really use him this year.