Sweeney: The teeter-totter of soccer, and the frustration felt from it

(Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

FOXBOROUGH -- At various points during this season, the Revolution have had moments that make fans scratch their heads, yank at their hair — if they have any, of course — and make them question why they support an inept defensive football club.

While Philadelphia’s first goal Saturday night was the result of poor marking, the second was just, in a way, unlucky: the ball caromed off the frame on a shot from distance, bounced off Matt Turner’s hand, and right into the path of Jack Elliot. The ball came from Fafa Picault deep in the channel, so it wasn’t a situation where the Revolution would have a defender on the stick. Just unlucky.

And Greg already went into impeccable detail about Antonio Delamea’s handle Saturday night.

But the one thing that has been a pleasant surprise this year has been the offensive workload.