Stopping for the Revs’ annual summer swoon

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(Getty Images)

So .... we’re looking at it again. Call it the other elephant in the room. The thing that comes around pretty much every year for Robert Kraft’s soccer club – you can set your calendar by it – and is the thing that all Revolution supporters hope would just stay far away, hoping that this is the year that it doesn’t creep into the narrative and ruin everything.

That thing I’m talking about is – yup – the Revs’ annual summer swoon.

And I hate to say it, folks – but it’s here. It's back.

With two losses and a draw in the last fortnight, New England has unfortunately entered the doldrums period of its season. The last four matches have produced a whopping four points, and with road match after road match on tap (nine of the last 14 are on the trot), fans fear that the team will continue to drop points all because the calendar turned to July.

But our studies show that even changing the calendar to August doesn’t necessarily help, either.

We went as far back as 1999 – 19 years out of 23 is a good barometer, don't you think? – to see how the Revs have fared in the summer months, generally from late June through the end of August. Any year posted in BOLD type is a year where New England managed to turn things around. WARNING: This ain't pretty, and to shield sensitive eyes, this is where we're going to end the "free" portion of the story.

I mean it. Turn away now ... or as the old Flyer Comet at Whalom Park used to say, "Last Warning: Do NOT Stand Up."