Sweeney: Failure in the Open Cup should shine light on one glaring Revs problem

I know, I know: no one wants to read yet another failed US Open Cup story, seeing as we’re 72 hours removed or so from Tuesday’s 3-2 loss to Louisville City FC. (Editor's note: You are correct ... this better be good). I know. This will be my last word on the subject for at least a year (or until I feel the need to chime in again):

Before their US Open Cup games on Wednesday, Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles Galaxy both signed six players from their “MLS 2” sides to short-term loan deals for their respective cup ties. For the Galaxy, it worked (much like everything does for them... no, I'm not bitter about this): Los Angeles beat a PDL club, and advanced to the Fifth Round.

For Seattle, like everything else happening for them this year, it didn’t work. The Sounders lost. It happens. That’s football.

I see those moves as advantageous ones for those clubs, as those players allowed Sounders and Galaxy first teamers a rest for the midweek fixture.

It leads me to ask (and channel my inner Bob Lobel), after seeing New England’s starting XI and bench for the trip to Kentucky, why can’t the Revs do something like that?

Oh, wait… yeah... because that option isn’t available to them.