Sweeney: Revs have no ambition? Here are four ways to gain some – Part 1

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(Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images))

As noted Tuesday, released its annual MLS Ambition Rankings earlier this week, and the Revolution found themselves listed — for the second consecutive year — at No. 22. There is a caveat, though: with a new team in LAFC entering the league this year, that means The Boys In Blue aren’t dead last in the table.

That dubious title — No. 23 — fell to the Columbus Crew, thanks to the drama hanging over Anthony Precourt and his proposed move to Austin.

Anyway…’s Grant Wahl and Brian Straus penned the following about our local Major League Soccer outfit:

Speaking of wealthy owners who don’t spend much time or money on their MLS team, Robert and Jonathan Kraft continue to let their soccer stepchild run in place. The Krafts remain beloved inside American soccer’s ivory towers, but as the seasons go by — and as other MLS teams make progress — that reverence become tougher to justify. The Patriots got their own 767s last year. The Revs got Claude Dielna. The club continues to claim it's working on a building a stadium, but the lack of progress is discouraging. A proposal centered on a site south of downtown Boston fell through last spring, and Providence recently has been raised as a possibility. Meanwhile, the Krafts have more than enough to finance a second juggernaut in Foxborough. They just choose not to.

Ouch. A rather damning indictment in all of 130 words. Some may not want to hear this — if you want to, call it clickbait, call it rubbish, call it whatever you want — but let’s be honest: they’re not really wrong about any of this. Not one word.

I do think, though, they happen to have some grasp of the situation, but not the full grasp of it.

I’ll explain.


Poor ambition in Boston sports shouldn’t be tolerated. It just shouldn’t. In a five-team town — six if you want to count the Cannons of Major League Lacrosse — where expectations are high and the championship cabinet gleams with the likes of Lombardi, O’Brien, Lord Stanley, and the multi-pennant Commissioner’s Trophies, New England’s soccer team lingers in the weeds despite the pleas of the Midnight Riders, the Rev Army, and the Rebellion. Obviously, people have noticed.

So let’s fix that, if only to a small degree.

In other words, let’s give the Revolution some ambition.

How, do you ask? It’s quite simple: Follow Sweeney’s Clear Path To Ambition Plan. This is just a small list — we can’t have everything all at once, Revs supporters; this first part contains things that can be attained within the next calendar year: