LeBron James will reportedly ‘talk’ with the Celtics this summer — are C’s a realistic option?

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Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The future of LeBron James has been a hot topic all season long, but the Celtics have never been considered as a possible destination for the All-Star forward this summer for some pretty obvious reasons. The Celtics are well over the salary cap and they also have an All-Star on their roster (Kyrie Irving) that requested to be dealt away from James last summer.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the NBA world from wondering aloud about the long-shot possibility on Wednesday after Stephen A Smith said on ESPN that the Celtics were one of several teams that James would “talk” with this summer. He also listed the Warriors, Lakers, Sixers and Rockets as potential suitors.

While Smith can't be discounted for his NBA reporting (he was on top of the Doc Rivers to the Clippers rumors before anyone back in 2013), what exactly should Celtics fans make out of this one? Would the math work for Boston to even pursue a hypothetical deal? Let’s take a closer look at the realities of the situation for both sides to see if we can consider this possibility a long shot or a no shot.

Q: Can the Celtics sign LeBron James this offseason in theory?