Scarnecchia on tackle measurables: ‘A lot of that (expletive) is way overrated’

The Patriots could very well be going from a prototypical left tackle who was 6-foot-8 with 35.5-inch arms (Nate Solder), to one that is 6-foot-3 with 33.5-inch arms (first-round pick Isaiah Wynn).

Just don't expect offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia to care very much about it.

"I think that (expletive) is way overrated. I really do," Scarnecchia said Friday. "I’m not saying every tackle you have should have 20-inch arms. But what I’m saying is maybe there are some men among us (on the Patriots' roster). The guys we have that we’re training at that position, all fall within those standards. Matt Light’s arms are 33 inches and he played 10 years in this league … Did you know that?

"We’d like to see them be as tall and as long as they can possibly be. But does he have the skill to play it? Does he have the length to play it? What’s long enough?"

(I called the thought that tackles had to be a certain size hogwash on draft night, so Scar wins on creativity points ... he was in the Marine Corps reserves.)

Obviously, a lot of the talk centered on Wynn and what the Patriots will do along the offensive line with Solder in New York, and both Shaq Mason and Joe Thuney entering contract years. First and foremost, Scar likes