Brad Stevens on Gordon Hayward: We expect him to make a full recovery


Brad Stevens is still not sure when Gordon Hayward will undergo surgery on his dislocated left ankle and fractured tibia, but the head coach, speaking before Wednesday's game against the Bucks, emphasized the team expects the All-Star forward to make a full recovery.

"He went through a myriad of tests this morning, confirmed what we reported yesterday with the dislocated ankle and the fractured tibia," Stevens said. "He is in the midst of discussing next steps, which will include surgery very soon but it’s not set -- there’s no time set, they haven’t finalized that yet. That’s the update."

"This is a setback," Stevens added. "We're expecting a full recovery and we know there are going to be a lot of tough days ahead on that recovery but, at the same time, hopefully, he'll improve day-to-day, but it's been tough. It's been tough for him."

As far as a recovery timetable goes, the team isn't willing to put a set number on it for the moment.

"We don’t know that stuff yet," Stevens said. "I’m not going to speculate nor put a timeline on it. I think after they finalize the surgery date, decide that, then they go in there and really evaluate it, once they do the surgery."

Stevens also reflected on his connection to Hayward from a personal standpoint and how that has impacted his mindset over the last 24 hours.