Starting lineup by committee? Brad Stevens is open to the possibility

USA Today

The Celtics will start Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Al Horford on opening night. After that, the possibilities are plentiful for the final two starting spots, while the final choices aren't yet clear.

As Brad Stevens tackles the challenge of a new season with a revamped roster and a plethora of starting options at multiple positions, the expected thing for him to do would be to settle on a regular starting lineup and try to build continuity with it for the entire season. However, the 40-year-old is one NBA head coach that isn't afraid of thinking outside the box and challenging that conventional wisdom.

With various players at shooting guard and in the frontcourt that could be a better fit alongside Kyrie Irving or Al Horford depending on a particular matchup, Stevens isn't set on a starting five just yet. In fact, the head coach told Bostonsportsjournal.com there is a chance the C's could mix up starting lineups all year long based on matchups.

"I think we have an idea obviously about who might be in our best lineups, but there is a chance we could do that," Stevens said of a potential lineup by committee possibility. "I've gone into every year thinking that is a reasonable thing to want to do.