How would potential lottery reform impact the NBA and Celtics?

Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports

The possibility of lottery reform has loomed over the NBA for several years now, in large part due to the blatant tanking strategy used by former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie for several years in Philadelphia before his departure last season.

With more details beginning to emerge about the plan that commissioner Adam Silver is championing to reduce tanking incentives, the time feels right to take a closer look at these potential shifts and how they might impact the Celtics’ current stash of draft picks.

The vote on any changes to the lottery structure won’t occur until the end of September at the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting. The league has a high hill to climb to convince 75 percent of team owners to vote in favor of the changes, the threshold needed for the reform to take effect. Only 17 teams (56.6 percent) voted in favor of lottery reform during a similar proposal for a change in 2014.

What are the proposed lottery changes?