Bedard: Ranking the first round NFL Draft QBs – The Mac Jones hype is real

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The Group of Five. They've been talked about for so long it's almost cliche to mention them. But they've been linked for a reason.

They're all good in their own way and, given the right surrounding cast and environment (always vital to development but rarely talked about), each player could be a good starting QB in the NFL for many years.

You know the names:

Trevor Lawrence
Zach Wilson
Justin Fields
Mac Jones
Trey Lance

All five will taken in the first round come a week from Thursday. All five should be gone within the first 12 picks, and it wouldn't be a shock to see them all go top 10 or top 8. Yeah, they're that good, and teams are that thirsty for their next franchise savior.

But where do they rank when it comes to the Patriots, who are just as desperate for a franchise quarterback but will never let it appear that way?

Aye, there's the rub.

Here are our thoughts on the subject (we won't spend much time on the first two because the Patriots don't have a shot at them):