Podcast: Bedard Patriots Pod – Patriots admit they’re not perfect

On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick discuss Robert Kraft's press conference, where the owner sees the Patriots and where they're going.

Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast Hosts: Greg Bedard & Nick Cattles.


0:00: Finally, someone gives real answers.

5:00: Actions from Belichick, words from Kraft should make Patriots Nation should rest a little easier now.

9:00: Kraft's not happy with the drafts.

12:00: Belichick's job is not on the line this season.

15:00: Are the Patriots really going to change how they draft?

20:00: What was Kraft trying to say about the QBs?

26:00: What about Stephon Gilmore?

28:00: Patriots are out at the pro days.

30:00: BSJ Member Question of the Day - Didn't Brady demand Garoppolo be traded? Didn't Kraft force the trade?