Four plays to a W: Burkhead, Izzo, White and Meyers all come through (Marcus Peters does not)

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

After going defensive-heavy in my column and video analysis after the game, we decided to look a little harder at the offense in this edition of the Plays to a W. Rex Burkhead, Ryan Izzo, James White, J.C Jackson, Lamar Jackson and Jakobi Meyers all factor in heavily here.

You know who else does? On all three Patriots offensive plays, Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters is involved — and not in a good way. The Ravens could have some issues brewing there. Peters was someone I singled out in my scouting report

I would go after LCB Marcus Peters all night, both with the run and pass. His focus wanes and he can be lazy at the point of attack against the run.

Let's breakdown the plays with video analysis:

3RD & 3 AT BLT 34
(13:42) R.Burkhead right end to BLT 30 for 4 yards (C.Clark).