BSJ Match #12 Breakdown: Revolution 0, NYCFC 0 – Revolution steal another point

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Scoring chances were had on both sides, but at the sound of the final whistle, the scoreline was more or less the storyline behind the game. Neither side was able to generate a scoring chance good enough to put themselves on the scoring sheet, but it would be fair to say the Revolution were on the better edge of the game at the end of the day.

Let's look at the starting 11...

[caption id="attachment_585096" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Headshots from[/caption]

With the exception of Tommy McNamara, the center midfield was entirely new this week with Lee Nguyen and Scott Caldwell playing in there. Tajon Buchanan got the start on the right wing and Teal Bunbury got the nod opposite of him. Gustavo Bou started in the lone forward role. Just below them at the center back positions were Henry Kessler (left center back) and Andrew Farrell (right center back). At outside back it was Alexander Buttner (left back) and Brandon Bye (right back). Matt Turner started in goal.


Note: I don't have any film to include in this breakdown because of geographic blackouts. 

The offside problem

Gustavo Bou has an offside problem, and it's something that I've told myself couldn't be true for the longest time; but Saturday night solidified it.

There are several factors that play into why this may be the case for Bou, but I think the primary reasons behind him being a consistent victim of offside calls are the following:

  1. He feels as though he needs the extra second to make up for his lack of speed
  2. The Revolution don't often work their attack through their forward, he likely felt as though long and direct passes were his best chance to get on the ball
  3. Lack of responsibility/accountability

In reference to the first reason, Bou just simply isn't a very fast player. His strengths as a player lie in his instincts around the goal, his dribbling ability, and his shooting ability. The missing portion (him being an attacking player) there are the parts of the game required to get yourself - or your team - in that position. He does fine to check down and receive the ball from his players, but he doesn't have the pace necessary to be a real threat in behind defenders in the run of play.

Without a solid midfield to get the ball and play off of the forward with it, it's hard to get your forward involved in the team's build out of the back. There are rarely any consistent passing channels from the defenders to the forward, so it often takes a complete effort from all three levels of the formation to make it work. Right now, and really for the last couple of years, this has been a definite weakness of the team. They struggle to put enough passes together in order to make it high enough to work off of the forward. So in this game, Bou opted for making runs in behind the defenders to skip all of that to try and get on the ball near the goal.

And for the third and final reason,