Bedard: If you think the Patriots just ‘did right’ by Stephon Gilmore, you’re living in fantasyland

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There are two absolutes in the NFL.

There is no charity.

And Bill Belichick doesn't give out raises without getting something in return.

So if you saw that Stephon Gilmore received an extra $5 million, which could be worth $7.5 million with incentives according to a league source, on Friday and your first instinct was to say, "Man, it's really great the Patriots decided to reward Gilmore," then you're living in football fantasyland.

Not hating on Belichick for doing it. Have no issue with Gilmore and his agent playing the game.

In the words of The Wire: "The game is the game."


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But Belichick didn't just wake up on Friday and decided, "You know what, Steph is really underpaid being the 12th highest paid cornerback in the league and we should do right by him even though he was already the highest-paid player on our team and we made him one of the best-paid cornerbacks in 2017 when he hadn't really done much with the Bills."

The NFL does not work like that. Belichick certainly does not work like that.