NFL Notebook: Patriots Road to 53, v. 20.04 – Receiver is a conundrum

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With one more training camp practice open to the media on Sunday (yes, I'll be there), let's take another look at where we think the Patriots' roster shapes up right now.

Among the changes we made on this one:

  • We have three more players on one side of the ball than the other;
  • We pulled one player back from the trade market, but left another on there ... for now;
  • A draft pick is released with a hopeful return on the practice squad;
  • We went skinny at one position group, but it's pretty good as is;
  • But there's one position group that has left them flummoxed. We kept one more than normal (six ... not count Matthew Slater) and we still had to release two players with a lot of promise ... basically it's four players for two spots in mind;
  • Yes, one of those four is Mohamed Sanu, whose $6.5-million salary would be worth the equivalent of around $18 million next year with the league-wide cap crunch, if it's rolled over ... could that be enough to make Bill Belichick take a bath on that second-round pick for eight games and 26 receptions?

Let's get into it, starting with the big picture and the new 53-man roster: