Bedard: There’s only one leader I care about on the Patriots’ offense right now … and that’s Julian Edelman

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There is much consternation about NFL workouts these days.

Tom Brady is ignoring the rules. (Whose rules? In case you haven't noticed, he now lives in Florida, which has always been a Banana Republic, where there are no rules.)

Why wasn't he doing this the past two Patriots offseasons?

Jarrett Stidham, according to a video his wife posted, is driving back to Texas to spend a couple of weeks with family and friends.

Why isn't he continuing to workout like Brady?! He'll never be as good as Brady.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath.

Until Jarrett Ryan Stidham actually shows that he can throw passes in an NFL game without throwing a pick-six (hey, Brett Favre's first NFL pass was similar), I don't really care what he does as far as workouts. I certainly don't care what he thinks or feels.

When it comes to the Patriots' offense, the only person I care about is Julian Edelman.

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