Bedard: Patrick Chung gets another extension – what that means and the concerns

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

The Patriots needed to create a little more cap space, and returned to a familiar well to do it.

Patrick Chung received a two-year contract extension, according to Field Yates. It’s basically an accounting move that clears $925,000 off this year’s cap, according to Mike Reiss. The Patriots gave Chung a $3 million bonus and then the cap hit is spread over four years.

The Patriots entered Wednesday with just $698,953 in cap space, according to NFLPA records.

Chung has become the new Jerod Mayo, the trusted veteran Bill Belichick goes to in order to free up space. This was an annual procedure done with the linebacker as well.

At the end of the day, this is much ado about nothing. But there are some mild concerns about the Patriots continuing to kick the can down the road with Chung.

A few of the issues/questions it brings up, which relates to Joe Thuney and, possibly, Stephon Gilmore: