Bedard: If Belichick was truthful on planning with Brady in mind, he thought the QB was in decline 2 years ago

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

The man who wouldn't take questions on Tom Brady's departure to the Buccaneers — "water under the bridge" — was sure ready to inject former QB1 into Monday's conference call on his terms when given an opening.

"Over the last two decades, everything we did, every single decision we made in terms of major planning, was made with the idea of how to make things best for Tom Brady," Belichick said in response to a question about potentially changing the offense due to a new skillset at quarterback.

That was some statement.

Every single decision ... was made with the idea of how to make things best for Tom Brady.

Now, I get the spirit of what he was saying. Brady is a pocket quarterback whose mind is his best asset. Like any other player or position on the field, the Patriots reversed engineered the offense with that in mind.

While I don't think Belichick's statement was made to be taken literally — more in a general sense with a certain style of quarterback — let's take him at his word. When Belichick does actually say something of substance through the media, there's usually a reason.

If every decision was made to make things best for Brady, then what does that say about where Belichick thought Brady was the past two seasons?

If you look at the personnel moves the Patriots made on offense, then Belichick was trying to tell us that Brady was declining rapidly.


He prioritized building up the defense and the running game more than the passing offense. I mean, it's all there in black and white.