Bedard: What you need to know when it comes to trading Rob Gronkowski

Regardless of whether or not PFT Commenter's dog is the newest NFL insider or he's just bored during the quarantine, the same question keeps coming up from time to time, so we might as well answer it now: What are the mechanics and possible compensation if the Patriots traded retired tight end Rob Gronkowski?

Been through this before with Brett Favre being traded from the Packers to the Jets. Green Bay even included a poison pill in the deal so the Jets couldn't just flip Favre to the Vikings, his preferred destination with the West Coast Offense and opportunity twice a year to shove it in the face of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy.

Here are the mechanics and what you need to know about trading Gronkowski to any team. And, no, it's not a surprise rumors like these pop up every three months about the future Hall of Fame tight end — it was predictable the moment he announced his retirement (people are still talking about Calvin Johnson coming back eight times a year, especially to the Patriots).

First of all, the Patriots could just release Gronkowski. Favre requested that of the Packers and it was denied. The Jets did release Favre (it was probably a condition for his agreeing to the trade) after his second retirement to clear the way for his signing in Minnesota. Of course, the chances of Bill Belichick doing this are about the same as him agreeing to open up in an Oprah Winfrey special.

The biggest piece in all this is Gronkowski's intention. Could the Patriots just trade his rights to any team? Sure. But they