Bedard: Expecting a big impact out of this Patriots draft? Their history says otherwise

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One thing I neglected to explain in my piece titled, "Could Bill Belichick and the Patriots largely punt on this year’s draft?" was that one of the stipulations — to go along with the Patriots not just tanking this season, and that there will be very little if any offseason and possibly training camp to train new players — which we should all be able to agree on is that rookies are rarely drafted by the Patriots with Day 1 starting spots in mind. Even in the first two rounds.

Talk to anyone around the league, especially those that know him best, and they'll tell you Bill Belichick is two to three years ahead of everyone else. That means, to me, that he's been way ahead in diagnosing the effect this pandemic will have on the NFL and, especially, the Patriots. Basically, if you think Belichick is listening to the league office and Jeff Pash on any of this (ok, he doesn't listen to them anyway) then I have some swampland to sell you.

Belichick has been way ahead of this and knows there is little chance there is any NFL offseason, and training camp is likely to be trimmed. It's part of the reason (not all of it) why