Red Sox

MLB Notebook: Red Sox owners continue to do themselves a disservice

In the 18 years since they took control of the franchise, John Henry and Tom Werner have overseen what is arguably the most successful era of Red Sox baseball.

In that stretch of time, the Red Sox ended an interminable 86-year championship drought, and remarkably, have won three more titles since the first one in 2004. Fenway Park, while imperfect and still cramped, is infinitely more enjoyable and cleaner than it was at the end of ownership by the Yawkey Trust, during which time it was sadly allowed to deteriorate.

The owners have been philanthropic via the Red Sox Foundation and have spent freely. For the decade of 2010-2019, no team spent more on player payroll and on their watch, the team has never been lower than fifth in spending in any one season.

So, here is a question that wasn't -- but could well have been --  asked during last Monday's mystifying press conference at jetBlue Park: Given all of this, why is it you remain so profoundly unpopular with the team's fan base?