Red Sox

McAdam: Fifth spot in rotation up for grabs

The Red Sox' staring rotation will have a different look this year.

Gone are David Price (traded to the Dodgers) and Rick Porcello (free agent, signed with Mets). New is lefty Martin Perez.

Perez joins the returning trio of Chris Sale, Nathan Eovaldi, and Eduardo Rodriguez.

That leaves one spot vacant. The Sox could experiment with an opener -- as Ron Roenicke conceded Wednesday -- or they could choose someone from a list of candidates in camp.

"We don't have somebody yet for that fifth spot,'' said Roenicke. "It's too early to try to figure that out. I think they'll pitch themselves into spots.''

Other options could materialize over the course of the season. It's possible, for instance, that by May or June, a young starter in the minors (Tanner Houck or Bryan Mata) could emerge. There are also others in the organization who've shuttled back-and-forth between the bullpen and the rotation (Mike Shawaryn, Kyle Hart).

For now, it's a matter of quantity over quality. Here's a look at those in the running: