Bedard: Why didn’t Nick Caserio take the leap into free agency?

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Ever since the Texans sought out Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio last summer, it was assumed Caserio would bide his time, fulfill his contract through the draft and then become a free agent.

Maybe he might have landed in Houston with Bill O'Brien and old friend Jack Easterby. Maybe he could have been the right-hand man to Matt Rhule in Carolina, but Caserio has no connection to him.

But outside of that, there aren't many openings that are known at this time. The Redskins are still looking for a general manager, but Ron Rivera is going to have a huge say in that and it's likely he picks someone he's familiar with from Carolina or even his time with the Chargers. Cleveland is all set with their bots, The Joneses rule Dallas, and Dave Gettleman is secure with the Giants for now.

According to sources close to the situation, that is the