Red Sox

McAdam: The more things change….the more some might stay the same

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Wednesday was not just any old day for Ron Roenicke.

Newly installed as the Red Sox' interim manager, Roenicke had to make some adjustments from his previous role as bench coach.

"I'm still kind of getting used to everything,'' he said a bit sheepishly. "I walked in this morning and I went to my usual locker (in the coach's room) and my clothes weren't there. They were over in the manager's office. So everything's a little different for me.''

When Roenicke went out with pitchers and catchers to oversee his first workout, some things felt a little off.

"It feels different because when I usually walk around, I want to go field ground balls and join in where they need me,'' he said. "today, I was like, "I think I better be over here in the bullpen and watch the guys throw.' That part, I forget. I'm walking around, doing my thing and then I forget, like, 'Oh, I probably shouldn't be here.' So that part was a little different.''

In time, the job will feel more natural to him. But at some point, Roenicke will have to start making some decisions about his roster and how he envisions using his personnel.