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McAdam: If Mookie Betts is traded, the Red Sox owe their fan base some answers

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By general consensus, it now seems more likely than not that the Red Sox will trade Mookie Betts over the next week.

Where, we don't know, though we can pretty much narrow it down to somewhere in southern California.

For whom is equally uncertain, though if it's the Dodgers, Alex Verdugo is almost certainly part of the return package.

The Red Sox, presumably, will say that they obtained the best value possible for their former MVP, and that the young players acquired will help in the organization's quest for sustainability.

What would be more interesting to know, however, is precisely why they traded Betts in the first place.

To date, there's been no mention of motive, which is somewhat understandable, since teams aren't in the habit of telegraphing their intentions publicly. That's understandable, of course. No team wants to talk about the process before a deal is official. For one thing, it's considered bad form to talk about one of your own players before a deal is done. For another, trades collapse all the time and prematurely explaining the rationale behind a deal is, at best, counterproductive.

But, again, we're working under the theory that a trade will be made. And at that point, while they go about addressing the "who'' part, maybe it would be a good idea to tackle the "why.''

Because that hasn't yet been articulated by the Red Sox.

Some possibilities: