Red Sox

McAdam: In contemplating trading of Mookie Betts, Red Sox faced with tough choices

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There's a lot on the line for Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox these days.

First, Bloom must determine whether his first big move as chief baseball officer will be to trade off the team's best player -- and one of the handful of best players in the game -- Mookie Betts.

Bloom must ask himself whether it's better to move Betts and get some prospects and/or young major leaguers in return, or to hold onto Betts for now, and either deal him at July's deadline or keep him for the entirety of the 2020 season.

That's a daunting enough decision for any executive.

But for Bloom, it's only the beginning. Because if Bloom comes to the conclusion the Red Sox will be better off trading Betts before the start of the season, the choices become more difficult.