Red Sox

Hot Stove Lunch: Taking on big salary in order to move Mookie Betts makes little sense

Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom met with reporters Thursday night and was asked whether there was still time to move a big salary in order for his team to get under the first CBT threshold.

"It's certainly possible,'' said Bloom. "There's nothing I'm hinting or trying to imply, but the short answer is, 'Yeah.' Sometimes the action happens early; some years it happens late.''

Hours after Bloom spoke, as if on cue, a report in The Athletic had the Red Sox engaged in talks with the San Diego Padres for a deal involving Mookie Betts. According to the story, the Padres, who have one of the top farm systems in the game, would agree to include a good prospect in the deal. But they would also want the Sox to take Wil Myers off their hands.

That's a mixed bag for the Red Sox.