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The Quest for 7: Patriots’ Mystery Solved, Losing Coaches, Links 1.8.20

Morning! Welcome to The Quest for 7, where volunteer writer, Steven Viner, scours the net for seven Patriots related articles from other sites offering different points of view on the six-time champs. Paid subscribers not only get to read all seven, but they also get to check out his always fiery "Steve's Soapbox" at the end.

1. When a murder mystery reveals the whodunnit, we slap our forehead and shout, "I should have known!" With the help of his trusty magnifying glass and film study, Sherlock Bedard unravels the complex puzzle of New England's problems to the most simplistic form in his breakdown: Titans' defensive approach was final proof the Patriots' offense just didn't have enough talent. The clues were there all along, and looking back, we all should have known this wasn't our beloved Patriots' year. Sad face emoji.

2. I need to hurry and finish this article so I can redo my resume. Working at Friendly's as a teenager, I had a back-and-forth with Belichick on whether home fries were an option or not so obviously I'm qualified to be an NFL head coach. Danny Heifetz of The Ringer pokes fun at New York with his column The Giants Hired the Pats' Receivers Coach the Year Pats Receivers Went to Hell. Oh! BREAKING NEWS! The Browns just announced their new head coach ... Belichick's landscaper.

3. Here's something a few of you may not know about Bill Belichick: 'I am proud of my Croatian heritage.' Croatiaweek has the story and interview, (author unknown) detailing a human side to New England's thought-to-be cyborg coach. Turns out he does have feelings. Wait, what? Nah!

4. In my Salty Tears Take of the day, Nancy Armour of USA Today steps up to the podium, in front of the entire human population and declares, Opinion: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots' stretch of dominance is over. Holy revelation, Nancy! What a bold statement! I mean, Nancy's not waiting for Belichick to retire and Brady to turn 60 before going out on a limb — Ms. Armour is setting the world ablaze with her scalding hot take, now! Are you kidding? Sorry Nancy. The only thing lamer than your "opinion" at this very late stage of the dynasty, would be if Hack Kellerman came out tomorrow and said, "No wait! I meant this is the year Brady falls off the cliff!"

5. With all the glum news making Patriots fans kick rocks lately, I've been digging for