Red Sox

McAdam: With top free agent starters off the market, time for Red Sox to deal is now

The good news for the Red Sox: With the signing of Hyun-Jin Ryu by the Toronto Blue Jays earlier this week, all of the front-line starters are now gone from the free-agent market.

The bad news? It still is going to be a challenge for the Sox to move David Price.

Still, the clock is ticking as the club seeks its goal of reducing payroll to under the first competitive balance tax (CBT) threshold of $208 million.

By most accounts, the Red Sox now sit about $30 million above the desired goal. The Sox entered the offseason with the stated desire of re-setting their luxury tax rate, having gone way over in each of the last two seasons.

That's going to take some creativity, however. The Sox are willing to trade Price in an effort to reach that goal. (According to some reports, have also been open to moving Nathan Eovaldi, who is due $51 million over the next three seasons).

Price has $96 million due over the next three seasons, but the Red Sox understand that no team is going to assume 100 percent of the remaining money. More than likely,