Bedard: The 5 Patriots players with the most on the line in the postseason

(Getty Images)

As we all know, everything about the New England Patriots centers around team glory, so there is little talk or even time spent on individual achievement and how decisions may or may not affect the future of one player.

But that's the Patriots' utopia. The real world of the NFL is something different and once the Patriots' season concludes — even with a possible seventh Super Bowl title — then that will hit hard. There could be coaching changes (Josh McDaniels), player personnel movement (Nick Caserio, Monte Ossenfort), and, of course, the offseason will be dominated by the Tom Brady saga.

Those are the major pieces for the Patriots this offseason. But there are several other players who face key offseasons when it comes to their financial and football futures. While most of the decisions will be made off of game film for the entire season, a great postseason performance under the toughest circumstances and opponents can help secure a great future — whether that's in Foxborough or elsewhere.

With that in mind, here are the five Patriots with the most at stake as the regular season concludes, and the playoffs beckon (we're not including Brady because he's not going to gain or lose anything).

1. Kyle Van Noy, OLB