Bedard’s Breakdown I: Tom Brady held offense back vs. Bengals; Patriots fumble Edelman’s health

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The biggest takeaway from the Patriots' offensive film against the Bengals is that, despite the opponent, the unit made major strides in terms of execution and potential. The offense looked much, much better.

I know what you're thinking ... Seriously? We had 291 total yards, 128 passing and had only one scoring drive beyond 45 yards. How is that better, you idiot?

Well, as opposed to the loss to the Texans, this time Tom Brady was mostly at fault for the sputtering offense for the first two-plus quarters. It was about as bad a first-half performance as I've seen from Brady. That resulted in the Patriots leaving a lot of yards, and potential points on the field.

We'll get to breaking that down in a second, but first, we need to get something off of our chest in terms of the health of Julian Edelman:

The Patriots need to seriously re-evaluate how they gauge a player's health during games. There is no way